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  • Do you have a question that you'd like to see on here?
    To request an additional question on this RV park page please go to the contact page and submit a message with that information and we will get that on here as soon as possible!
  • How do you know if there are vacant sites?
    The best way is to contact the park, but this site also contains fairly accurate occupancy charts.
  • How long are your RV spaces?
    We can accommodate RV's/Trailers upwards of 65 feet long (Depending on availability). Please ensure by giving us a call that the longer spaces are available before deciding to stay at Rendezvous RV Resort.
  • Do you have an age restriction on trailers/RV's?
    Yes, we have age restrictions on trailers and RV's. There are some exceptions, so your best bet is to contact the park manager during office hours at 541-962-0909 to see if your trailer/RV is good to use at the Rendezvous RV Resort.
  • Do you have Tent sites?
    We no longer have sites that can accomodate tents due to the sprinkler system.
  • Are the sites full hookup?
    Yes, all of our sites are full hookup this includes water, electricity, and septic. All paying tenants get a key to the showers, bathroom, and laundry room. Dumpsters and recycling bins are also located around the park.
  • Do you have Wifi?
    No the park does not provide wifi for tenants as it is difficult to set up reliable wifi for everyone in the park. We recommend buying a cheap phone and treating it as a hotspot with your prefered vendor. Some spots can set up / already have set up direct service internet or phone lines. To set those up contact the local internet providers and be sure to ask the office manager before getting this set up.
  • Do you have cable TV hook ups?
    No, but we do get upwards of 50 free channels. If you have a directional antenna try pointing it towards the SouthEast for best results.
  • How much is washing and drying your clothes?
    It is $3 to wash and dry once. There are 4 washers (~30 min cycle) and 4 dryers (~45 minute cycle) and they are both $1.50 in quarters to operate (don't forget your own soap and dryer sheets). There is also 2 vending machines. Ask the manager for the best place to get quarters if need be.
  • Do you do long term?
    Yes, the most accurate pricing can be found by calling the park. We also have a pricing sheet on the website.
  • Do you allow reservations?
    Yes, depending on park occupancy we do allow reservations. Be sure to see the policies regarding reservations in the about page on our site or call in for more information.
  • If the office is closed how do I contact someone about reservations or checkin/checkout?
    If you called ahead and are on time your last name and space number will be on the white board if the office is closed. The best option is to call the number on the door first, if you receive no answer please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We do have some information on the outside of the office for this scenario. If at all possible please try to contact the office at least a day in advance. We do realise that emergencies happen in which case again call the number on the door.
  • Do you allow pets?
    Yes, we do ask that you keep them on leashes when possible, and please pick up after your pet.
  • How do I pay Rent?
    You can pay with cash, check, or card. You can drop off cash or a check through the mail slot or deposit box if the office is closed. When the office is open you can use card to pay when the office is open (cards incur a $10 transaction fee).
  • How do you get mail?
    You would send the mail to 2632 Bearco Loop SPC [your space number here]. Sometimes FedEx will deliver the mail to your door but more often most of your mail goes to the main office. There you can go in during office hours and pick up mail.

FAQ's for Rendezvous RV park and resort

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